About Me

* Married 32 years, Mom of two, grandmother of two!
* “In” Border Terriers since 1997
* Member – Border Terrier Club of America (BTCA) since 1999 and signer of the breeder’s code of ethics
* President six years – Great Lakes Border Terrier Club (GLBTC); member since 1998
* Member/Treasurer – Kishwaukee Kennel Club (puts on annual 2-day all-breed show in July at Belvidere, IL) since 2000
* Participated in the Judges Breed Study Group presented by the Border Terrier Club of America in conjunction with the Great Lakes All Terrier Association Show on June 14, 2002

Additional interests:
I have a fascination for all living things; if it’s not fuzzy and cuddly, it’s at least interesting and worthy of observation!
* Have also bred and shown dwarf Holland Lop rabbits

* Other pets include a “Tuxedo” cat from the local shelter, tropical fish, a Crested Gecko (lizard), and a… tarantula!
* I have also bred & shown fancy rats

* I am a certified Duncan ceramics teacher
* I also enjoy gardening, scrapbooking, baking bread and drying food
More Border Terriers! Seriously, there’s only so many dogs my house can hold; but I do enjoy turning others on to the breed!  I am, however, careful to explain the pros and cons of owning a Border, because I want every placement to work out to the satisfaction of both dog and owner.   Of course, we also enjoy hearing back from our buyers as they report on puppy’s progress in training at home, class, and in the events they pursue, as well as lending any help or support as necessary.
To make a contribution to the breed. We want to bring healthy, conformationally correct and temperamentally sound dogs to the show ring,  companion and performance homes.  We show them to prove them correct, have health certificates to prove them sound as well as today’s testing methods allow, and 4 of my 5 dogs have a CGC certificate that speaks well of their good temperaments.
* Kirby…  Conformation showing… perhaps a Champion in 2007. ***Achieved!***
* Blaze… Obedience, Conformation (Earned CGC in 2008)
* Eventually… Agility? (Keeper in classes & earning titles in 2010-11)
* Cera… Passed the CGC and Therapy Dog exam; on to Obedience and Conformation