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March 2011

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I see by my lack of entries that I am not much of a blogger, and have some catching up to do with the happenings at Brentwood.


This fall I attended an American Working Terrier Association trial put on by the North American Tekel club, and Kirby (Ch. Conundrum Rambling Blues) earned their Certificate of Gameness in the same tunnels used at AKC trials, only his staring is counted as part of his “work”, which he does dig, scratch and bark after sufficient staring is completed, lol. 


On the second weekend of March, Keeper and I attended the Forest City Dog Training Club’s agility trial where we earned one leg in Novice Standard with a first place, overcoming some issues she had with noisy teeters.  I was proud.  I was hoping for our final leg in JWW, but she knocked a bar on a triple (she never does that!) and on another run we we over time (uhh, my knees!).


Brentwood hasn’t had a litter of puppies since Keeper’s C-section fiasco almost four years ago; we started over with another girl from Otley kennels (Blaze) and have now bred her to Kirby.  An ultrasound exam last friday revealed we are expecting a very large litter for Borders — SEVEN!  We are both happy and a little overwhelmed at the job ahead.  Stay tuned for the pictures and stories!  🙂

November 2010

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It has been “a while” since I have posted an update to my blog, but sometimes “no news is good news”.  🙂

Arthritis in my knees has made agility very hard for me, but Keeper loves it so… we keep at it.  She had some issues with noisy obstacles and worked through them.  She has one leg in Open Jumpers and is now ready to tackle Standard Novice.


Upcoming Litters

We don’t breed often, but we are considering a litter for 2010/2011.  Blaze (Otley’s Fire in the Morning, CGC) next season is due in December; puppies would be born in Febuary, and go home at 9-10 weeks (May?).  Sire would be our own Kirby, Ch. Conundrum Rambling Blues CGC.  If you are interested in a puppy, please fill out a “puppy application” (in the menu at the left).

Hello World!

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This is the first post on our new Brentwood Blog!


April 6, 2009

Hi, and I hope you like our new format as much as I like working with it.  It’s so much simpler, and simple is good!  Easy on the eyes.  We’ll be posting updates here on the Blog page as things happen.

I know I continue to have our kennel listed under breeders with the Border Terrier Club of America, but we really won’t be having puppies for a while yet; after Keeper’s C-section experience, we decided not to repeat that and had her spayed.  We started over with a new girl pup, and are waiting for her to finish her championship and all her health clearances before breeding… . we are looking at maybe late 2009 or early 2010 for our next litter.  Sorry — we miss those puppies too! 

“Keeper” (Brentwood’s Promise Kept, CGC) and I attended our first agility trial in March (actually two — over a weekend) and earned two legs towards a Novice Jumpers With Weaves title.  Not only did we earn legs, but Keeper garnered a first and second place in her height division; needless to say, I was very proud of my girl for a first-timer!

Kathy Van Barriger
Brentwood Border Terriers