Brentwood’s Tea Party, CD TKN CGC

Ch. Conundrum Rambling Blues CG, CGC  X  Otley’s Fire in the Morning CGC


Cera is our youngest at 7 years of age; a completely “homegrown” pup.  Because of several surgeries (mine), we got off to a bit of a late start, but Cera has completed her CGC (Canine Good Citizen certificate) and Therapy Dog exam; she was certified by the Bright and Beautiful Therapy Dog organization to visit area nursing homes.  Cera is continuing in Obedience classes in the Open level, and at the Kishwaukee Kennel Club’s spring match, Cera won best Adult Terrier!  Cera was shown in conformation and accumulated 5 points, but I decided not to pursue it to completion since I would not be breeding her.  She completed her CD title, and then for fun we took the new Tricks class and completed that for her TKN.   She is doing well in Open class, but the AKC has changed the format to using hand signals instead of the long sit and down that we had already learned — so our time in that class will be extended.  Sigh.