Email Group for All Things Border-T:(Over 800 members)
You must first sign up at for a Yahoo ID and password.
Then go to and under “Join a Group” enter “TheBorderT-L” in the search box.  A brief description of the group will appear; click on the name of the group (TheBorderT-L) and in the upper right-hand corner, click on “Join This Group” and fill in the necessary information (your email address and so forth).  Be sure to send the group a brief introduction.


Email Group for those who Breed or Show and Compete in Performance Events:The BorderTerrierXtra
A Yahoo group the same as above, just search for the BorderTerrierXtra.



Elaine Pack’s Border Terrier Resource Page:
A listing of breeders and/or owners willing to discuss the breed



The American Kennel Club



The Border Terrier Club of America



Book Corner: Recommended Publications

*Do order the “Border Terrier in Brief” information packet from the BT Club of America

Border Terriers Today” by Anne Roslin-Williams

*”The Border Terrier” by David VanGordon Kline

About The Border Terrier” by Verite Reily Collins

*Border Terrier” by Penelope Ruggles-Smythe

*Pet Owners Guide to the Border Terrier” By Betty Judge

*About the Border Terrier” by Walter Gardner

*Border Terrier” by Muriel P. Lee

*Earthdog Ins and Outs” by Jo Ann Frier Murza

*Dig In!” by Mario Migliorini

*The Art of Raising a Puppy” by The Monks of New Skete

* “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fun and Tricks With
Your Dog” by Sarah Hodgson

* The AKC Gazette, Dog Fancy, & Dog World Magazines

*  “Will I See Fido in Heaven”  by Mary Buddemeyer-Porter




Supplies, Catalogs, Etc.
UPCO Pet Supplies
Care-a-lot Pet Supply
Solid Gold Health Products (& Food)
Pearson Products (Stripping Knives)



Border Terrier Friends
Ketka Border and Norwich Terriers
Dogwood Kennels
Conundrum Border and Cairn Terriers (England)