Otley’s Fire In The Morning, CGC  “Blaze”

Ch. Skyline’s Thomas Gainsborough X Keepsake Otley Amethyst

“Blaze”Littermate sister to “Newman” — Ch. Otley’s Nobody’s Fool — Top 5 in breed pointsBlazeDown
“Blaze” is a semi-new beginning at Brentwood; we didn’t want to risk another C-section with Keeper, so the line we hoped to start with Kelsea was ending.  I love the type and health of this line, however, so I hoped to find a related puppy with which to start again.  Debby Pomeroy of Otley Border Terriers had just what I was looking for: this beautiful red girl, who is a grand-daughter of Ch. Skyline’s Sgt. Pepper, and a great-grand-daughter of Multi BIS BISS BAH Ch. Otley’s English Gent, Kelsea’s half-brother.
Blaze passed the AKC Good Citizen exam!
BlazeBOSiowa001 Blaze goes Best Opposite Sex at Waterloo Kennel Club for one point on April 24, 2010
Blaze has also passed all the health clearances recommended by the Border Terrier Club of America (hips, patellas, cardiac, eyes, and a bonus: elbows).